Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Veterans For Common Sense

Right from their email. VCS are the people who have already been shot at for oil/colonial wars, and don't want it to happen again.

I was in the US Army, which is why I'm on their list.

Have at.

Dear VCS Members and Supporters:
Normally we don't send out more than one email in a week, but when events warrant we will send more in order to keep you updated.
Our campaign questioning the nomination of Alberto Gonzales is gaining traction in Washington and the interest of the mainstream media. In the last 24 hours VCS director Charles Sheehan-Miles has conducted three major radio interviews in Los Angeles, New York and Tampa, Florida to discuss the campaign, and this afternoon the conservative Washington Times ran an article covering VCS' work on the nomination.
We're getting this interest from the media because of your incredible response to our letter, which now has 2,300 signatures.
Additionally, a super volunteer graphic designer has stepped forward to make our ad a reality. We've raised just enough funds to place the ad (which will be a 5-foot by 4-foot-high backlit poster) in the Capitol South metro station (which most of the Congressional aides take to work), but need to raise more the truly reach as many people as possible (we'd also like to place the ads in Union Station, on the other side of the Capitol).
We'd like to ask you to consider three things today:
1) First, let your friends, family, and colleagues know about the letter opposing Gonzales and ask them to sign it. The more signatures we have on the letter, the more seriously the Senate will have to take it.
2) If you participate in a weblog, discussion group or bulletin board on the internet, or have a group which meets off-line, let them know about the letter and ask them to sign it. You can send them this link to sign-up: http://www.veteransforcommonsense.org/campaigns/attygen.cfm.
If you post it somewhere on the internet, let us know so we can track where the signatures are coming from. You can send that to contact@veteransforcommonsense.org
3) If you haven't made a gift to help fund the ad, please consider doing so. We've raised just over three thousand dollars since this time yesterday, but to place as many ads as possible, we need to raise more, so we can get a contract on additional space locked in this week. Contributions made on-line by midnight tonight will have the greatest impact, because we'll be able to lock in the ad space this week.
To see the early draft of the ad, visit:http://www.veteransforcommonsense.org/NewsArticle.cfm?ID=2470
To make a contribution, click here:
Thank you again for your support.
P.S. Are you a wordsmith? VCS could use one or more volunteers to work together to help reshape the language in the ad to make it as effective as possible.
Interested? Join the discussion here: http://www.veteransforcommonsense.org/discussion/viewtopic.php?p=13253

Please visit Veterans for Common Sense at www.veteransforcommonsense.org
Update your email preferences and member information

Friday, November 26, 2004

My Life As A Terrorist

Because of the paranoia the 9/11 guys set off among the Levitican wimps in Jesusland, all you need to close this country down is enough quarters to make phone calls to every major airport and tell 'em you've left a bomb in their restroom, and they'll freak. Talk about getting more bang for your buck.

In the early ‘80’s I was a file-puller in a University student records room file room. The position of Holds Officer opened up. This was the person who basically told students who were in debt for anything to the University, “Give us back our volleyball or you don't get a copy of your records.” It paid much better than file-puller. I applied, and was surprised when I was immediately hired.

I very soon discovered that my assistant was a 50-year-old Phillipina woman who knew the position inside out, and who got paid less than me (I was in my 20's).

Something was wrong, here. No way should I have been her boss. I should have been running errands for her and getting her rice+ for lunch.

A little inquiry found pay dirt in another girl in the records department who was Jewish. She said that everybody knew that the two Jewish women who ran the department thought I was Jewish. While I have Jewish ancestry, I do not practice; I just look like some of my ancestors. Nevertheless, management supposedly favored me over the older woman, for reasons of race.
On the one hand, the other girl wasn't happy with the bosses. On the other hand, these two bosses were the kind of pinheads who would pull that kind of stunt.

I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t happy, but I didn’t know what to do about it. And I didn't know if it were true or not. I couldn’t exactly accuse my bosses of racial hiring, not in that time and place. I wasn't a disgruntled employee, but I wasn't a happy one either. All I could do was do my job. Records-keeping being boring, I started playing with that job.

To make things interesting, I created a German code to be used in the control of records on Hold. Since I have a degree in German Language and Literature, including medieval, military and some commercial forms, the code consisted of initials based on archaic Italianate German banking terms, which I used to mark the Holds Records.

Kg: Kreuzverweis geleistet (Auf bibliotheksperrvollbemaechtigungen: Kg/Hb)
= Kg: Cross-reference created (Hold authorized by the library Kg/Hb).

It was so arcane, that "Troublemakers" -- these were two guys who were just a hassle-- were marked with a drawing of a stylized Tudor rose. Well, Henry the 8th wasn't the nicest guy, either. This is how twisted this code got. And how bored an employee can get.

Since all students owe the University something sometime in the course of their college career, almost all active student records pass through the hands of the Holds Officer. ALL records are done by hand, since they are legal documents.
It took a complete four quarters to codify all the records with my code. That's a year. That's a lot of pulling files, penciling and erasing, and making sure it was right. My code became rooted throughout the University records. It wasn't going to be easy to extract. I began to take a kind of introspective glee in watching the coded records pile up.

In the meantime, I’d been looking for another job, and about that time I got a bite. So I gave my two week's notice to the University. Right before the beginning of Spring registration, when the largest turnover of records occurs.

And then I realized why I had been codifying the Holds process. I have a tendency to do things in my subconscious, for reasons that don’t become clear sometimes for years. Three days after giving notice, when hundreds of records had been pulled and placed on my desk, ready for me to process, I quietly took the card with the German code on the back of it home with me -- and didn't come in the next day.

I ran into a fellow files worker a couple years later.

"My God," she said. "The whole place freaked. Holds bring the whole University to a stop; we couldn't process any records until we knew if the students had paid their balances. It was pandemonium."

"Did my assistant get the job?"
"Oh, yeah. She was the only one who said she knew what to do."
"I'll bet."
I'd left her a copy of the code. So she’d gotten my job -- at the proper pay. Right race or not.

These days, anybody causing the breakdown of a major institution would be called a Terrorist.
Hm. Long slow preparation. Researching the internal system. Cheap method: all I needed was a pencil, an eraser, patience, and a legitimate grievance. Ultimate goal: to rectify institutional abuse and regain civil rights, for myself or my fellows.
Terrorist? By these definitions?
Guilty as charged.
Go thou and do likewise.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my U.S. friends and colleagues -- Happy Thanksgiving!

And to all my other friends and colleagues -- the Americans are all sitting down to eat and mostly not bugging anybody today.

So Happy Thanksgiving anyway.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Better than Stalks

C. S. Lewis said it best in his essay wherein the demon don addresses the newly-graduated class of demonlettes.

The common people don't like anybody who is better than they are.

Or may even be perceived as better than they are.

Or who they think, when they're not zoning out in a company-town factory line or leaving rotting decapitated elk carcases in the clear-cut forests, may even begin to be nudging toward the edge of thinking they might be maybe sorta kinda almost better than they are.

I got news for the common people.

We ARE better than you are. We don't stick our heads in the sand. We don't poop out kids left and right when there are 6 billion humans -- officially an infestation -- on the planet. We don't ignore what's going on and let our governments grab those kids and send 'em off to oil wars.

We don't whimper that the reason we voted for a vile, corrupted government was that we were afraid the other candidate might look down upon us. That a candidate might "flip-flop" on us. You knew Bushy boy was going to flip-flop on you the moment he got in office and you went for it anyway. You preferred the greater of the two evils -- because it threw you the greater lie.

Who couldn't look down upon you? Your mistakes, ignorances and greed lead to death, filth and destruction. They threaten OUR lives. The corporate pirates you follow with your tongues out would sell us air, if they could get away with it, like they sell us water. We're supposed to feel gentleness and commisseration toward you? We're supposed to be compassionate toward you? It's all ab0ut you, isn't it?

I've heard you people use lines like, "I hate trees. If there were no trees, it would be easier to get to the elk and deer." And then you look at me like you think it's funny to torque me off. Guess what? You're disgusting to even think that might be funny. I've seen the rotten carcasses and piles of uncovered human shit you leave by clean streams. Me? Arrogant? Me, totally nauseated by you. Not scared -- just sick to my stomach. You people act like malaria.

I've heard you say things like, "I was talking to an atheist -- how can somebody be good if they don't believe in God?"

I'll tell you how, you Red dorkweeds. You grow up. You don't need spankings. You leave behind the things of childhood -- the brainlessness. The lack of self control. The playing with guns (and no, I don't mean you should just add beer).

Tell you what. I'll get over accusing you of being a bunch of foul ignorant slobs -- when you stop being those same.

We're the arrogant ones? Don't make me puke.

Friday, November 05, 2004

They've come to Jesusland. Make 'em swallow it.

Hey, how many of you stuck in Jesusland would be really torqued off if I started addressing packages with:

city state zip

Why don't we all start doing that? Like we write "Great Britain" or "Germany" or "Israel" under the address? When a package is going out of the country. These people are living on another planet -- let's make sure the post office doesn't get them mixed up with us.

They wanna be Jesusland... we'll MAKE 'em Jesusland.

They should have been careful what they prayed for.

(And for those of you who are forced to live in Jesusland -- there is refuge for you in Freedomland, any time you want it).


Fucking Crusaders

An email conversation between myself and a friend. THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS. I DID NOT WRITE THIS. HE DID.

I am NOT naming names. But this is NOT a time to become like the rest of the fundamentalists, of ANY religion. And anybody sends me stuff like this is going to get it used as a bad


So I want to repeat -- I DID NOT WRITE THIS. If I wanted to read crap like this, I'd look up AngryAryan.

And you guys do NOT want us girls to start looking around for the biggest group of terrorists on this planet. You know who you are.

Dear Donna,

Yesterday morning Theo van Gogh was murdered in Amsterdam by a Moroccan who is affiliated with radical religious fundamentalists. THIS IS VERY BAD NEWS. Theo was a director of films, columnist, maker of TV programs and one of the main proponents of free speech in the Netherlands and had a habit of not mincing words, insulting self-important people left, right and center. Recently he had completed a movie about wife beating among the muslims on religious grounds (called Submission part one) and he had nearly finished a film about the assassination of Pim Fortuyn, 2 years ago. Now he has been murdered by a "goatfucker", to quote his own words. A goatfucker that was affiliated to a group watched by the Dutch Internal Security Service. Sorry, but now I have to rant and rave for a while. I am so fucking angry. Not that I liked van Gogh very much, but it is what he stood for. This calls out for an end to tolerance. No more! I am so sick and tired of these muslim bastards. How come that even if not all muslims are terrorists, all fucking terrorists are muslims? The cabinet fears that now there will be a division along ethnic lines and calls upon the town councils to talk to muslim organisations. Surprise! That is already happening! I don't want to see any goatfuckers in my area. And these "prophet's pimps" (another van Gogh quote) are going to deserve anything they'll get. Dutch tolerance will take a beating and the country will harden more and more. This is not a good moment to be muslim, even if you are integrated as hell. Frankly, I see only two options. Either the muslims integrate so much they stop being muslim, or there's the Israeli solution. Now all we can do is wait to see what happens.

Ha, that gave some relief

My answer:

Calm down.

All terrorists are NOT muslim. Through most of OUR history, they have been Christians. You're just living in a very small part of our history. We started it. Or our ancestors did -- and left us to clean up the mess.

Fucking Crusaders.

Take a deep breath, get some perspective and get back to work to get rid of ALL the undamentalists, including ours. Jail time is what murderers need, not useless misdirected attacks on people who look or pray like them because we can't catch the ones we want.

And we HAVE the Israeli solution in THIS country (USA) -- you ask any member
of a First Nation. You want to live with THAT memory? We'll never get over


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