Friday, December 31, 2004

Who do you love?

Here's a thought for the New Year:

There are really only two kinds of societies, and you get to live in one of them:

Socialism, or Feudalism.

If your government is taking care of you, it's Socialism. You won't have to sleep on the street.

If it's taking care of itself, it's Feudalism. And only one guy gets to be king.

Happy New Year, America! Here's hoping you get blankets for that street time.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

First They Came For The Horses


Bush's latest attack on something he can't control is just evidence of the fearful and greedhead worldview of a spoiled, nasty glutton.

This is what his ancestors did to the tribal peoples of America. This is what he wants to do to all
of us. His people already have us accepting the term "consumer" -- no more than
slaughterhouse animals. This is not just some little attack against animals. This is an attack
against a spiritual heartland and soul.

This is the filth we have to fight. And yes, it DOES apply to you. If you want to be free, to make
your own decisions -- this man and his like want to corral you in Festung America, to make you
trot to their rules, to let you die without kindness.

"First they came for the horses."

(Originally from a friend: "Hi! Here is a story from today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer about the
5,000 wild horses that roam Washington's Horse Heaven Hills, and always will, thanks to the
Yakama Nation. I loved reading it. Except the part about how George W. Bush thinks wild
horses deserve to be dog food and sneaked in legislation (, as he loves to do) that they can be
sold and immediately sent to slaughter, reversing the hard work of all the dedicated people who
fought to protect them. The two horse slaughterhouses in the U.S. are in Texas, of course.")

Yup. And what do you bet that GreedBoy gets a few bucks from every horse hung up and gutted.

If I were a Texan, I'd be heading to the Whitehouse for a lynching about now. Talk about having dirt put on your name. All Americans are seen as Prisoner Torturers by the world, now -- so I guess all you Texans are horse-killers.

What you gonna do about it? Boy?

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Save The Children

I've been following the childfree/parent arguments lately.

I'm child free. Conscious decision. But there's part of this argument that needs to be expressed.

The following is gonna shock the heck out of you, but it's a growing problem. It's linked to the human infestation -- officially, biologically, we're no longer a population. Biomass to living space, we're an infestation. People are feeling more and more stress and despair as our human mass grows. As primates, the screaming of our offspring begins to set off destruction buttons in our heads. For a very specific reason.

A screaming child is a distressed or abandoned or frightened child. It means there's trouble in the troop. Any predator hearing it is going to laser in on the troop. There's a reason we call a shrieking child Hyena Bait.

Primates are driven to either care for the offspring, or -- if the screaming cannot be stopped -- to destroy it. They have to do it for the good of the troop. It's hard-wired into them.

Now I don't mind being around kids. Kids up here even run up and hug me (they're pretty good kids up here actually). I like to do things for them. They're fun, and funny.

But the screaming sound.... it makes me start twitching. I want it to stop. I want it to stop SOOO bad that I began to feel the profound urge to follow the urges of the Cannibal Aunt.

On an airplane, if a child is shrieking (and goddamn the parents who take tiny infants onto airplanes so their tiny eardrums begin to scar from badly-pressurized cabins -- that's baby torture, plain and simple,and the parents deserve to be horsewhipped) I will go absolutely white and nauseated. The bad pressure just makes it worse. I've caught my fingers literally twitching, in an urge to throttle that sound.

I just warn parents who are letting their kids scream or run into overstressed adult primates that -- well -- they want to be careful at airports or anyplace else humans feel crowded.

Over-crowded primates can whirl around and use extremely powerful hands to very quickly do a great deal of damage. I can get very very distracted at airports. And I have an artists' powerful hands. And my reactions are very very fast. I'd feel sorry afterwards, of course, but the damage would be done. I have a great deal of self-control, so it probably won't happen -- but what about somebody who acts first, thinks later?

Parents who don't CARE if their kids get their heads twisted off don't have to worry. Remember, these are the people who take their kids onto airplanes, damn their vicious souls.

I am not kidding about this. This is going to happen, and not necessarily from me. Somebody is going to whirl around and twist a kid's head off. It's a growing danger.

I really really don't want to see this -- and I don't want to be the one to do it. But what can you do, when the parents won't listen to growing despair and desperation? All you can do is warn them.

And pray to whatever you worship that they will listen.

Oh, and before you gasp and claim this would never happen -- babies are shaken to death and smothered all the times by their own parents, simply because they will not stop screaming. If the parents will do this, how much more dangerous would an adult be who has absolutely nothing invested in this child?

For gods' sake, have fewer children, or guard and control the ones you have.

Stop the tragedy before it begins -- and becomes an epidemic.

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