Friday, March 24, 2006

Why Respect Religion?

After the Danish cartoons making fun of Islam, I have to ask: why respect religion? Any religion?

Religions are made up by men to control everybody else. They are especially constructed to control the sexuality of women.

Should we respect Nazism just because somebody believes in it? Should we respect the KuKlux Klan just because the members may fervently believe in the need to support the purity of their race?

These are beliefs based in nothing but control. They have no valid proofs. They are cruel. In so many ways, they are like so many religions.

This is not to say that everyone should be forced to give up their religion. If they wish to believe in Giant Magic Sky Fairies, let them. If they hate watching women and gay people having free, happy lives, then let them stew in their own hate. If they are fools who let priests and ministers and rabbis and mullahs tell them what to think, based on ancient unproven mythologies, then let them do so.

As long as their beliefs do not become the laws of other people who don't believe in those religions, then let them lie to themselves any way they please. In fact, if they do wish their beliefs to become law, let ONLY the practitioners of those religions be forced to obey those laws.

Go ahead. Chant torah. Hang out of a mosque and howl. Have your own rape-induced babies. Embalm your dead becauses you believe a rotten corpse is going to rise someday. Moan and groan and complain because your kids will fall behind in the Sciences -- and may someday walk off and deny you and your nonsense. Why should anyone care if you make a fool of yourself? As long as you don't try to practice your nonsense on anybody else, you can kneel down and moan to an imaginary spirit all you please.

You do know that the best liberals and the purest atheists come from the most conservative and religious households? Because they've been damaged by your beliefs and the moment they get their hands on a decent bit of education, they can see you for what you are -- and they will be angry and hurt that you lied to them for so long. WE don't have to have kids -- you will supply our population all by yourselves. As long as you can breed and your kids can think, you will lose them to us. We're certainly not going to lie to them. Lies are just too much hard work.

Your right to practice your religion -- like the right to swing your fist -- ends where my rights and my nose begin.

Your smarter kids will agree.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Tiger Trap For The Right Wing.

You have to hand it to the Founding Fathers.

They let slavery alone when writing the constitution.

After what would finally become the United States fought a war partially over the question of the treatment of human beings, the trap left by the old men in powdered wigs yawned open beneath the feet of those who would treat anybody as less than human.

You don't want women to vote? "This country once considered slavery legal."

You don't want blacks to have equal treatment? "This country once considered slavery legal."

You want to treat Other gender preferances as less than human? "This country once considered slavery legal."

No matter what action this country takes, if it treats ANYONE as less than human, as merely seperate but equal, as anything but a fully and completely American citizen, that treatment, no matter how "legal" can bring up the reminder that slavery was once legal in this country, and that no other practice that treats any American as less than fully human can be allowed to stand.

By allowing slavery to remain in place during a period of this country's history, the founders made it possible to forever after paint any less than human treatment as on a level with slavery, regardless of legality, in that it doesn't allow for full citizenship.

Pretty smart, those old guys.

And -- "They had them some fabulous wigs."

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