Monday, January 24, 2005

Beef And The Bling-Bling

Comment for the beef-raisers out there who are so worried about the rest of us eating their product and supporting their industry:

So, when do you show up on my street wearing the bling-bling and popping a cap in my ass?

Most industrial beef is loaded with antibiotics, growth hormones and feed-lot stress chemicals. It's fed garbage. If I'm going to eat beef -- why don't I just go out to a dumpster behind a hospital and eat out of it? It would be just as healthy for me.

Expecting me to eat your poisonous product to support you and your families is like expecting me to buy crack to support you -- and if you're a cartel, to support the towns you run.

You're just another gangsta, beef-boy.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Eat This

This is so weird.

Who cares about the beef cattle on either side of the border?

That feedlot beef is of stress toxins, growth hormones, antibiotics, fed on corn and chicken manure and sawdust -- you might as well just go and eat out of a hospital waste dumpster that somebody's been dumping the catbox in.

And keeping these people's jobs?

They're part of a huge system that killed off the massive wild meat machine of the prairies -- the buffalo, so they could bring in their weak, badly-adapted African-origin cattle. So they could give us few options except their third-rate crap product.

We're supposed to keep them in business at the cost of our health and the health of the future of the prairies?

How greedy can you get? How short-sighted and self-centered?

A pox on the beef breeders, on both sides of those imaginary lines they call a border.

And it looks like they're GETTING that pox, doesn't it?

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Breathing Room

The earthquake that created the South East Asian tsunami was created by plate techtonics.

The movements of the plates are what drive the Rock Cycle -- the massive machinery that cycles carbon dioxide and ultimately oxygen through the body and atmosphere of planet earth.

Without earthquakes, none of us gets to breathe.

And the release pressures that took out one side of the planet's primate population also spared everybody else around the Ring of Fire -- and probably gave the rest of us around the Pacific Rim a breather. One of these days we'll get slammed again, but until then, the people in SE Asia died so we could live.

That's about the only way I can handle the twinges of survivor guilt I keep getting. It'll be our turn next.

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